W.P.K. Rank System & Requirements

Six Basic Requirements:

The following is a description of the six basic requirements for all levels of belt advancement with W.P.K.

  • Attitude - A good attitude is required at all times (karate class, school and home).  A child with perfect techniques, but a poor attitude, will not be allowed to advance.
  • Hours – There are a minimum number of required training hours at each level.
  • Tournaments - The student must participate in the required number of tournaments for each belt level.  Winning at tournaments is not required for advancement; participation and good sportsmanship are.
  • Rules and Terms - An oral test will determine if the student has a good knowledge of the Jr. Karate Study Sheet History and Study Terms.
  • Physical Conditioning - Students will be required to complete a pre-determined number of sit-ups and push-ups for each level.
  • Techniques - This part of the test is the hardest part to achieve. A set level of proficiency is required for each belt level, regardless of age, coordination, or physical ability. Because of this requirement, some students will advance before others. Each student can achieve a higher level, but might have to train longer than another child in order to become efficient at executing the required techniques.