W.P.K. Optional Activities

In order to develop our student's confidence, W.P. K. offers a variety of optional activities throughout the year which enable the students to achieve individual accomplishments. Since martial-arts training requires a tremendous amount of repetitive practice, these activities also assist in maintaining the student's excitement and interest in learning.  There is an extra charge for all optional activities. These activities fall into the following categories:

Junior Karate Camps

Junior karate day camps are designed to provide junior students with a chance to experience additional aspects of the martial arts not taught during regular class hours.   One to Two Camps are offered each year and students earn class hours for attending. All camps are closely supervised by adults and parents are welcome to stay if they choose.  There are three types of camps held:

Weapons Camp

Students are instructed in the martial arts weapons like Nunchucks, sai and bo staff.  Safety foam/rubber weapons are used.  They are taught the history, safety and proper use of these weapons.

Self-Defense Camp

Students are taught abduction awareness and self-defense techniques designed specifically for children.  This camp includes lectures, tools and targets against an adult attacker, power techniques, etc.

Judo/Aikido Camp

Judo is the martial art which consists of throwing techniques for self-defense and Aikido uses joint locks and throws.  Both emphasize learning how to fall properly to prevent injuries.  This camp is good for children since they are prone to fall during other sports such as bike riding, soccer, football and playing in general.

Adult Karate Camps

Adult karate camps are held at Double Lake Park in Coldspring, north of Houston.   Camp begins Friday night and continues through Sunday morning.  Only adult karate students may participate in the activities of camp.  Students must be at least 16 years of age.  Junior senior students (ages 13-15) should speak with their instructor.  They may be able to attend under certain conditions.


Camps are designed for 10% martial arts training and 90% self-defense exercises.  The martial arts training consists of stick fighting and obstacle course contests.  The self-defense exercises consist of training in gun, knife, club, and multiple attack defenses.  There are day and night maneuvers where participants are attacked several times by various means while walking down obstacle ridden, wooded trails.  The camp is designed to place students in as real life street situations as possible without compromising their safety.

One karate camp is required for a student to earn their Green belt.  Two camps are required between Green and Purple Belt for the rank of Brown Belt, and four camps are required as a Brown Belt  to obtain a Black Belt. (One of these four should be a Survival Camp.)


W.P.K. hosts tournaments 4 times each year.  Tournament participation is a requirement for students wishing to advance in rank (belt color).   Junior students compete at tournaments with others of the similar age, size, gender and belt color.

The rules for sparring at tournaments are the same as those followed in class.  Children are provided with both band and head gear containing a face shield and contact to the face is allowed.  As in class, tournament sparring is "light contact only."  Excessive force anywhere on the body will result in automatic disqualification.

Winners Tournament

White and Yellow belt students compete in a "Winners Tournament." Children are placed in a division of two and fight best of three for 1st or 2nd place.  Every child receives an award which will either be a trophy, medal or plaque.

Grand Champion

This tournament is a challenging double elimination tournament where students are placed in divisions of eight or less competitors.  The students in each division compete down to 1st and 2nd place.   Large trophies are awarded for 1st and 2nd place, while smaller awards (trophies or medals) are given to the students eliminated in earlier rounds.

Black Belt Ceremony & Martial Arts Show

Adult karate students who have passed their Black Belt Test are honored at this special event.  Prior to awarding the adult students with their Black Belt in a distinguished ceremony, instructors and students perform in an entertaining martial arts show.

Junior karate students, including those who are part of the Alpha Pack Demo Team, take an active role in both the ceremony and the martial arts show.  In addition, many children receive special recognition or special awards including Most Outstanding Student, Black Ace and Academic Achievement Certificates.