W.P.K. Fees

The following is a list of the most common expenses associated with training in American Karate.


Our uniforms are $40.00 and may be ordered on-line or in class.  Uniforms will be delivered to your next class for sizing.  Please note that there is no refund for a worn uniform, unless it is damaged or defective.  Uniforms cannot be exchanged after the student's name has been put on the back of top.


Tournament registration fee is $35.00 in class.  General Admission spectator tickets are $5.00.  Registration and admission at the door on the day of the tournament is $5.00 more.  The price of "outside" (non-W.P.K.)  tournaments varies and will be announced in class.


Rank testing fees include the student's new belt and any patches awarded at the same time.  Testing for Red Belt (Juniors) and Brown and Black Belt (Adults) is higher, and includes belt, uniform, patches and manuals.  The student will be told the cost of their test when they are given their notice of eligibility to rank.


Fees for these optional events vary, but usually range from FREE to $30.00.  Other events may cost more, depending upon location and the nature of the event.


Besides a uniform, each student is required to have their own mouthpiece for sparring.  Boys/Men are also required an athletic supporter and a cup.  Students have the option of purchasing their own sparring gear. Required gear is supplied in class by the Head Instructor.