Welcome To The Wolf Pack Website!

Wolf Pack Karate (W.P.K.) is a division of the American Society of Karate (A.S.K.) established in 1970 by Mr. Bill Gray in Houston, Texas. The A.S.K. is an association designed to teach American Karate to ages 5-80 in a positive environment. We take a fresh approach to the art, sport and self defense aspects of American Karate. Our objective is to run a fair and unbiased program. We hold tournaments, camps and seminars to expand the knowledge of our students. Through Martial Arts students learn how to positively accept and meet whatever challenges they may encounter during their training and in life.

The ASK has taught classes in Fairfield for the past eleven years, adopting the Wolf Pack Karate name in the Summer of 2011.

W.P.K. has 4 locations in the Tri-County area with classes in Fairfield, Crockett, Centerville and Teague.  All Junior classes (ages 5 – 12) are one hour long and begin at 6:00pm.  Adult classes begin immediately following the Junior classes and are from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Presently, the A.S.K. and its divisions teach in over 125 locations throughout Texas and one in Oklahoma. The A.S.K. program is sponsored by school districts, colleges, churches and other community facilities. By working directly with these local community organizations, A.S.K. can offer a complete and affordable family-based martial arts program.

Wolf Pack Karate Instructors

W.P.K. was started by Nicole “Niki” Miles (now Wolf) and Andrew “Drew” Wolf September of 2011 at one location in Fairfield, Texas. It is a community sponsored program which teaches American karate in a positive, professional manner. 

The primary goal of W.P.K. instructors is to develop students mentally and physically by focusing on attitude, respect and discipline.

Drew Wolf

Andrew Wolf earned his black belt with ASK in 2006 from Houston ASK Director Bill Gray and has 25 plus years of experience in martial arts including training in Judo and Aikido. Mr. Wolf is the Head Instructor for Fairfield and the Director of the Alpha Pack Demo team.

Niki Wolf

Niki Miles Wolf earned her black belt with ASK in Teague from Instructors Gwen and Karl Tewold in 2004 and has 20 plus years of martial arts experience including training in shotokan, hapkido,  taekwondo and stick-and-knife fighting. Mrs. Wolf is the Head Instructor for Crockett and Teague.

Jeff Sleziak

Jeff Sleziak received his black belt in November of 2013 and is one of  the first black belts promoted by Wolf Pack Karate.  Mr. Sleziak was the recipient of a Black Belt Medal awarded to him by Mr. Eric Davis of Houston.  Mr. Sleziak has also trained in Brazilian Ju-jitzu with his son, Chandler, Wolf Pack Karate's first Fourth-Level Red Belt.  Mr. Sleziak awarded his Black Belt medal to his daughter, Allyse, who was a Brown Belt at the time. Mr. Sleziak is an assistant instructor in Fairfield.  


Allyse Long

Allyse Long received her black belt in October of 2015 and is the first Wolf Pack Karate legacy.  Mrs. Long's brown belt was retired by her father Jeff Sleziak.  Her Black Belt was presented by Mrs. Wolf, signifying her as the first woman promoted to black belt by W.P.K.  Present for her ceremony was Evangelina Mangino, the Austin Society of Karate's first female black belt, and Senpai to Mr. Wolf and Wolf Pack Karate. Mrs. Long is the Head Instructor for Centerville.